Workshops & Seminars

Swimmers Seminar

The RCSA holds a Swimmers’ Seminar each year which addresses common questions for first-time participants. While the session is aimed at first time soloists, the evening is ideal for everyone who wants to make their first Rottnest Channel crossing (solos, duos, teams and even parents of swimmers wishing to enter).

The session usually runs through the following:

  • What to expect on the event day
  • Training guidelines and taper tips
  • Handy tricks on what to include on the boat
  • How to find your support crew on the water
  • Rotto Swim health and safety – spotting the early signs of hypothermia
  • That finish line feeling and looking after yourself on dry land

The 2022 seminar will be held on Wednesday, 29 September 2021, from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm in the Lecture Theatre at HBF Stadium.

The presentation slides from the 2021 Swimmers Seminar can be viewed HERE

Nutrition & Injury Prevention Workshop

Regardless of whether you are a solo, duo or team swimmer; the importance of a well-prepared, well-fuelled and hydrated body, both before and during the event cannot be understated. The workshop will cover:

  • Vital Nutrition Information
  • Injury Prevention Tips
  • General Tips & Tricks for the Event

Ultimately, by attending the workshop, you’ll ensure you’re adequately prepared for the upcoming South32 Rottnest Channel Swim.

The 2022 workshop will be held on Saturday, 20 November 2021, from 10am in the Lecture Theatre at HBF Stadium.

    Other useful tools

    Professor Ian Rogers is an expert in hypothermia and pulmonary oedema. His presentation outlines the signs and stages of managing hypothermia as well as the dangers of developing pulmonary oedema. He has also provided a document outlining the medical risks of the swim to Rottnest. Check out his previous presentation HERE

    Julian Mills has been crossing the Rottnest Channel since 2002 and has completed four solos, swum as a duo and has also been a skipper. Julian and his son Oliver  presented their experiences in the areas of training and mindset, how to prepare and what to expect on race day. Check out his 2020 presentation HERE

    If you’d like to contact Julian for more event day advice please email

    Daniel Rodgers has 10 years of coaching experience and has swam his whole life. He’s coached swimmers from junior to national/high-performance programs across various clubs, including coaching at UWA uniswim’s high-performance program. Assisting gold license coach Mel Tantrum, Daniel acquired the skills to maintain and develop high-performance athletes technically and physiologically. Check out his 2020 presentation HERE