Registration Categories

The event categories for competitors in the South32 Rottnest Channel Swim are:

  • Solo – 1 x Swimmer, 1 x Support Boat (1x Paddler strongly recommended)
  • Champions of the Channel – the elite solo wave (1 x Swimmer, 1 x Support Boat)
  • Tandem Solo – 2 x Solo Swimmers (each must register individually) sharing, 1 x Support Boat, 2x Paddlers (Compulsory)
  • Duo – Teams of 2, 1 x Support Boat (1x Paddler strongly recommended)
  • Team – Teams of 4, 1 x Support Boat (1x Paddler strongly recommended)
  • Lavan Charity Challenge – Teams of 4, 1 x Support Boat (1x Paddler strongly recommended)


Soloists have guaranteed entry into the Event (all soloists simply need to register during the solo registration period). They swim the entire 19.7km unassisted; supported by a paddler and support boat. To participate in this category, you do have to qualify be completing a qualifying swim during the qualifying swim period. For more information on how to qualify, head HERE.

Tandem Solos

The main difference between a Solo and a Tandem Solo is that Tandem Soloists pair up together to share a single support boat.  It’s primarily designed for soloists who regularly train together. Swimmers wishing to compete as a Tandem Solo will both need to complete an individual Tandem Solo Registration. 

There are specific Event Rules that relate to participating as a Tandem Solo but key things to note are:

  • Tandem Solo share a support boat;
  • Tandem Soloists must have their own paddler; and
  • Tandem Soloists must not swim more than 20 meters apart during the Event.

Champions of the Channel

Champions of the Channel is an elite wave of soloists who are selected through the Champions of the Channel Selection Policy by the RCSA Selection Committee.

The key details for selection to the Champions of the Channel wave are:

  • For participants to be considered for the Champions of the Channel wave, they must register as a soloist for the Event during their solo registration period;
  • The Competition will include 10 male and 10 female athletes with a requirement for at least one male and female athlete being West Australian.
  • To be eligible to participate in the Competition, athletes must place/participate in select events with these events ranked for selection purposes:
    • Placed top 20 in World Aquatics Open Water World Cup events the year prior to the Event;
    • Placed top 10 in 10km Australian Open Water Championships the year of the Event;
    • Placed top 3 in Champions of the Channel the year prior to the Event;
    • Placed top 3 in a 10km State Open Water Championships within the qualifying swim period;
    • The fastest qualifying time from the Official WA 10km Qualifying Swim events.
  • In the event that there are more people eligible for the Competition than a priority system is used based on the ranked events.

Swimmers will be contacted directly prior to the Metro Safety Briefing if they have been selected for the Champions of the Channel wave.

For more information on the Champions of the Channel, head HERE.

Duos and Teams

Duos and teams are automatically categorised by the total age of everyone in each duo/team. The categories are as follows for male, female and mixed.


Please Note

Mixed teams must have a minimum of two female members. For results purposes, teams with three males and one female will be recorded as a ‘male team’.

Lavan Charity Challenge

Do you want to really make a difference with your swim or just passionate about fundraising for a good cause? Consider entering the Lavan Charity Challenge this Rotto Swim!

The Lavan Charity Challenge category is specifically for teams that want to fundraise as part of participating in the event. In 2024, all teams in the category were required to fundraise a minimum $3,500 to participate in the event (this is separate from the event entry fee). By participating in this category, you will receive the ultimate benefit – guaranteed entry!

Teams who enter the Lavan Charity Challenge receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed entry into the Event
  • A separate evening briefing including drinks and canapes at Lavan
  • A chance to compete for the Lavan Charity Challenge Cups.

40 places are available during solo week, which opens 8:30am Monday, 21 October 2024 (AWST).

Please Note

Teams in this category are exclusively competing for the Lavan Charity Challenge Cups only. This means teams in this category aren’t eligible for regular team category prizes, including overall prizes and age group category merchandise prizes, regardless of their overall/age group finishing position.

LCC Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that their team reaches the minimum $3,500 fundraising amount through the fundraising platform, Grassrootz. Teams will not be able to collect the team’s race pack until the fundraising amount has been reached and, should the fundraising amount not be reached by Thursday, 20th of February 2024, the entry will be canceled and no refunds will be given.