2019 Skippers Questionnaire

Welcome to your 2019 Skippers Questionnaire

Race Number: 
Making way astern (reversing) is permitted during the race when:
Engaging the reverse thrust of your engine is:
During the day all skippers should tune their radio to VHF Channel 77 and:
Do support boats have to stay south of the northern boundary buoys, or is that rule only applicable to swimmers?
Tenders are exempt from registration if:
If a commercial ship passes through the channel:
At what distance during the race must all yachts and all other boats >10m, leave their swimmer (or swimmers)?
If my boat is under 10m and proceeding beyond Phillip Rock, I can help ease congestion in the Finish Channel by:
What happens if my swimmers are ordered to evacuate due to a shark?
What is the speed limit in the Swim Channel?
Do support boats need navigational lights on event day?
If a swimmer requires medical attention:
Support boat skippers can only consume alcohol:
When waiting off Cottesloe beach for their swimmer’s wave, support boats should:
What elements are banned on event day and can result in my team being disqualified and/or sanctioned from future events?
The equipment specified in the Department of Transport's list of safety equipment is:
During the changeover process (duos & teams):
At the beginning of the race, when may support boats meet up with their swimmer?
The northern boundary buoys are in place to:
All boats must be equipped with all the required mandatory marine safety and emergency equipment as per the WA Navigable Water Regulation and the minimum boat size in length is:
All yachts and 10m+ power boats:
The rhumb line buoys indicate:
When approaching the Finish Channel, it is recommended that:
The Rottnest Channel Swim is: