We’re improving the event registration experience for teams and duos!

Based on your feedback and to ensure fairness as well as a more streamlined registration, we’ve implemented the queue-it system to our registration system. Queue-it is a virtual waiting room that provides fairer and controlled access to registrations by creating a digital queue. You may have seen queue-it used when booking accommodation online for Rottnest Island, buying tickets for an event through Ticketmaster or numerous other places Queue-it has been implemented.

How will it work?

From 8:00am (AWST) on either Tuesday, 29 October 2024 for duos and Wednesday, 30 October 2024 for teams, the registration link will be available on the home page of the website and social media. By clicking the link, you will be taken to the queue-it digital waiting room.  You’ll wait there until registrations open at 8:30am (AWST).Example holding screen

Example queue-it digital waiting room

Once registrations open, everyone who was in the waiting room will be given a randomised spot (just like a raffle) in the queue. Anyone who clicks the link AFTER 8:30am (AWST) will join the end of the queue.

You will only be let into the registration platform if a spot is available for you to purchase. This will mean the “On Hold” confusion of previous years should be a thing of the past! This means registrations may take slightly longer to sell out but should make it fairer and easier to navigate the system  – no more need to constantly refresh!

When should I enter the queue?

For the best chance of securing an entry to the Event, you should enter the queue between 8.00am and 8.29am (AWST) on either Tuesday, 29 October 2024 for Duos and Wednesday, 30 October 2024 for Teams. This will allow you to be allocated a number in the first round of queuing.

Does it matter if I’m the first to get in the queue?

As everyone in the queue-it waiting room is on equal footing, and will be provided with a random spot in the queue at 8:30am (AWST), you do not need to rush to be the first person to get to the registration link. The first people let onto the registration page will be allocated at random to people who were waiting in the queue-it waiting room before 8.30am. For example, someone who joins the queue-it waiting room at 8:15am (AWST) and someone who joins at 8:28am (AWST) will have an equal chance of being the first to register when registrations open at 8.30am.

How long will I be in the queue for?

The queue is randomised for fairness. So there’s a chance you won’t wait at all and will be able to register straight away, or there’s a chance you could be waiting for an hour or more if you’re close to the back. Make sure to allocate yourself at least an hour to register to make sure you’re not caught out.

Providing an exact estimate of the wait time isn’t possible, as it will depend on how many people want to swim, and how long those in front of you in the queue take to register.

Example in-queue screen

You will be able to track your place in the queue and how fast the queue is going before getting to the registration page. To stay in the queue you just need to leave the page open and do not click refresh.

What happens if I join the queue/click the registration link AFTER 8:30am (AWST)?

If you click the registration link and join the queue after 8:30am (AWST), you will be placed at the back of the queue.

How do I track my place in the queue?

Whilst you wait for your turn, Queue-it will display your place in the queue. It will also show you how fast the queue is going to give you a guide as to how long you may be waiting until your turn.

Example in-queue screen

What does it mean when the waiting room is paused?

You may see that the queue is paused during the registration period. This means that no one will be redirected to the registration website, so everyone will be kept in the queue until it is resumed. We may pause the waiting room for a number of reasons however it does not mean that the Event is sold out. Please wait patiently until the waiting room resumes as you will keep the same place in line.

What happens if I close my window when I’m on the registration page?

If you close or exit your browser while you’re on the registration page, you will lose that entry. If you want to access the registration page again, you will join the back of the queue.

What happens if I get into the registration page and tickets are “On Hold”?

We will endeavour to limit this is much as possible by managing the queue. However, should you get to the registration page and registrations are “On Hold”, simply wait a couple of minutes and then refresh the page. If tickets become “Sold Out”, unfortunately, the registration allocation has been exhausted and you can join the waitlist.

Example sold out page

What happens when if I get into the registration page and tickets are “Sold Out”?

Unfortunately, the registration allocation has been exhausted (that category has sold out) and you can join the waitlist.

What will give me the best chance of getting a spot?

  1. Put the date of either Tuesday, 29 October 2024 for Duos and Wednesday, 30 October 2024 for Teams in the diary and set an alarm for 8.00am
  2. Create an Active.com account in advance and know your password
  3. Make sure you are using the latest release of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer etc.)
  4. At 8:00am, click the link to join the queue on our social media or website
  5. You will have 15 minutes to complete your registration, make sure you have decided on a team name and know your emergency contact
  6. Think ahead – don’t have somewhere you need to drive etc. at this time, you could be attached to your phone for a while