Overall Solo Swim Prizes

Female / Male solos

Overall category prizes

Prizes will only be awarded to first, second and third place getters for duo (female, male, and mixed) and team (female, male and mixed) categories. Overall category prizes are awarded to the winners of each category, regardless of the age category entered (e.g. 56+ or 100+). These winners will be announced at presentations, where the prizes will be received.

Age category prizes

Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place for each age category. Winners will receive a text message in the afternoon to claim their prize from the Help Desk.

*Please note: overall category prize winners aren’t entitled to age category prizes.


If you win an age category prize, each member of the duo/team will get a text at approximately 2.00pm on event day. You’ll have until 5.00pm to collect your prize from the Help Desk situated at the finish line area on Rottnest Island.


The presentation ceremony will be held at the finish line at 5.30pm on event day.

All successful solo swimmers and overall category prize winners are requested to assemble at the front of the presentation stage at least 20 minutes before presentations. A photograph of all solo swimmers will be taken before the start of the presentations at 5.15pm.