Boat Moorings at the Finish Line

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The South32 Rottnest Channel Swim event day is one of the busiest and demanding days of the boating year. To manage this event in a safe and effective manner, a number of restrictions apply including beach and mooring closures, together with speed restrictions, are put into place. The main restrictions are: boating exclusion channel leading swimmers from Phillip Rock to the finish line next to the Hotel Jetty, beach closures between the Hotel and Fuel Jetties as well as restricted anchoring between the Fuel Jetty.  Nearly all restrictions and closures are lifted at 6.00pm on the day.

RIA has waived admission fees for Channel Swim competitors and persons onboard support vessels displaying an authorised South32 Rottnest Channel Swim sticker, including the accompanying paddle craft.

All other vessels entering the Reserve are required to pay admission fees. This can be done online here. Be sure you have your vessel registration and credit card available at the time you make the booking. Paying online allows our Rangers to confirm your admission fees have been paid and avoid any follow-up action.

More information on mooring and admission fees can be found on the Rottnest Island website, here.

Rottnest Island Authority Marine Hire facilities are available to book three calendar months in advance with Mooring bookings opening 100 days in advance. Learn more, here. If you have any question about making a booking, please do not hesitate to email or call (+61) 1800 111 111.

Information governing the restrictions is published by the Rottnest Island Authority at:

For water closures, please see