Duo Looking for a Skipper & Boat Please

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Duo Looking for a Skipper & Boat Please

Postby lenmana » Mon 18/11/2019 9:26 pm

My name is Andrea, and I will be swimming to Rottnest as a duo, with my wonderful swim partner Bryony.

We're looking for a skipper, and their boat, to join our our team. (This is going to sound cheesy but) We need your help to make our Rotto dream reality!

A bit about us:
Me and Bryony have a shared love for all things water and swimming, and met playing water polo for our university team in the UK. When I moved to Perth in July 2018, Bryony told me about an incredible swim race to an island that she had dreamt of completing. A few months later we resolved to swim to Rottnest together :D
Bryony has been busy swimming in the UK open water season, cold lidos and south coast beaches. Swim Trek is Bryony's idea of a holiday I know I've chosen the right swim partner!
I swim with Perth City Masters, as well as the Port Beach Polar Bears, and love the active beach-y lifestyle of WA.

We're more than willing to cover costs for your time, boat maintenance, fuel, beer-needs etc.

If you think you can help us out please reply here, or get in touch on 0444 517 345 or a.docouto24@gmail.com

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