7.2 Meter Boat and Skipper Available

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7.2 Meter Boat and Skipper Available

Postby pintaramb » Tue 05/03/2019 10:01 am

Hi I have done the Rottnest Chanel swim as a skipper for the last 15 yrs approx
I have guided swimmers (solo duo and team) from all over the world including from place like new york,belgium,melbourne sydney.
I understand that this event takes a huge amount of preparation from a swimmers point of view.
So why chance the most important job guiding you directly to the finish line to someone whom has not done it before?
Every year I hear race control issue radio warning to skippers about keeping the swimmers inside the chanel makers (rumb line),why you ask it is because the skippers dont have the experience to guide a straight line to the finish.
What does that mean as a swimmer well it is simple if you are not inside the rumb line then you have not travelled a straight coarse from start to finish,why means you have swam extra distance,in some cases so much so that I have seen teams withdraw because they are so far off coarse.
So dont chance it if you are an international swimmer or eastern states swimer then use one of our guides to get you over the line otherwise all the prep work was wasted.
ring Mick 0408473307
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