Event Briefing

It is mandatory that all solos, and a representative from each duo/team attend a 2020 Rottnest Channel Swim Briefing. It is highly recommended that the support boat skipper also attends, regardless of if they have skippered in the event before as significant and important changes to the safety protocols and course layout are made each year. The support boat skipper is ultimately responsible for the well being of the swimmer/s and support crew on the day of the event so it is vital for your safety that they are sufficiently prepared and informed.

The Metro Safety Briefing for the 2020 Event will be held on Saturday, 1 February 2020 at HBF Stadium, 100 Stephenson Avenue, Mount Claremont. 

The 2020 briefing will start at 2.30pm (FYI we close the doors too). From 1.00pm to 5.00pm we have Hit92.9 with icey poles and music from the Jeep, fitness advice from HBF Stadium, a sausage sizzle and the Department of Transport (Marine) will also be there for any skipper related questions in the front grassed area in front of the main entrance. T-shirts are also available to be purchased before and after the briefing. The RCSA will also have a Practical Tips and Tricks table and a Help Desk for any questions you may have regarding the Event and what to expect on Swim day.   

Non-attendance by soloists and a representative from duos/teams who are listed as living in the metropolitan area will result in an instant disqualification from the event.  If you are a solo located in the metropolitan area and will not be able to attend the Metro Safety Briefing, please contact the Rottnest Channel Swim Association ASAP.

International and Interstate Safety Briefing

A separate safety briefing for interstate and international competitors only, will be held the day before the event on Friday, 21 February 2020. This briefing is invitation only to interstate, international and regional participants. If you are unsure whether your residential address is considered regional, please contact the RCSA as soon as possible. If you are in the metropolitan area of Perth,  you will be expected to attend the Metro Safety Briefing in early February.

Online Briefing Video

For the 2019  Rottnest Channel Swim we were able to work with Network Ten to produce a special edition of TEN Eyewitness News. This video was featured in our 2019 briefings and outlines the rules for this year’s Event. While we are constantly working on updating the rules to make the event safer each year, this should give you an overview of what to expect on the day. We hope you enjoy!

The 2020 briefing video will be available after the 2020 Metro-Safety Briefing.