Boat Guidelines

All entrants are required to have a support boat. They must organise their own support boat and paddle craft – no personal watercraft (jet skis) permitted.

The size of the boat required is determined by two factors:

• The minimum size of boat that is legally permitted to travel to Rottnest Island;

• The number of people onboard.

For these reasons, and for comfort and sun/wind protection, the RCSA recommends the following size boats:

CategoryRecommended Boat Size
SoloNo less than 5 metres
Duo / TeamNo less than 6 metres





The RCSA will, however, allow any vessel with a length 4.5 metres or greater legally permitted carry the whole team (including the swimmer(s) and paddler(s), and support crew).

The number permitted is determined by EITHER the information displayed on the Australian Builder’s Plate or (if there is no Builder’s Plate) or by reference to the below guidelines from the Western Australian Department of Transport. Please note these guidelines are recommendations only and it is the masters responsibility to determine the exact number of people onboard for a safe voyage:

Length of BoatMaximum number of people aboard
(including the swimmer/s and paddler/s)
4.5m to less than 5.0m5
5.0m to less than 5.5m6
5.5m to less than 6.0m7


It is the responsibility of the Skipper to make sure the boat is suitable and capable of making the trip and to check, and double check, that the support boat is not overloaded.  Here is the Skipper’s Checklist that will help your Skipper understand their rights, duties and responsibilities.

Life jackets must be provided for each person on board plus an extra one for each swimmer and paddler.

It is highly recommended but not compulsory, that paddle craft be used to assist the swimmer/s and skipper on the day.

Call signs for solo swimmers, and duo and teams will be the solo/duo/team number. For example, if you are solo swimmer 100 then your call sign is “Solo swimmer 100” and if you are duo 323 then you call sign will be “Duo 323” and if your team 450 then your call sign will be “Team 450”.

The support boat information that is required to complete your registration is listed below:

• Name of boat
• Boat registration number*
• Boat length*
• Make of boat – boat make and model
• Engine Type – inboard or outboard
• Type of marine radio – VHF Only
• Mooring location/number if staying overnight at Rottnest*
• Boat skipper name*
• Boat skipper address*
• Boat skipper mobile number*
• Boat skipper email address*
• Boat skipper Recreational Skipper’s Ticket number*

* compulsory information to complete your entry.