Registration Dates

For the 2020 Event, the dates for registration are:

  • Registrations for solos and Lavan Charity Challenge teams will be for one week only from 8.30am (AWST) Monday, 21 October to 5.30pm (AWST) Sunday, 27 October 2019.
  • Duos and teams will follow from 8.30am (AWST) Thursday, 31 October 2019.

If your team has already entered and you need to join your team, please click here.

Solo Swimmers

As per previous years, all solo swimmers who register and make payment during this one week time frame will be guaranteed entry into the event.

Duo and Team Entries

Registrations for duo and team entries will open from Wednesday, 30 October 2019.

Duo and team entries will be required to confirm their intention and commitment to enter the event by making full payment of the entry fee at the time of registering. Once this upfront payment has been successful, it will confirm your entry in the event.


Successful duo and team entries

Captains of duos and teams who successfully register will receive notification via email and can then invite team members to join. Team mates will have until 10pm Sunday, 3 November 2019 to join their team. Teams who do not have all team members entered by this cut off date risk losing their entry into the 2020 Rottnest Channel Swim.

Please note: there is no acceptance period following the registration window – making the entry fee payment at the time of registering confirms a commitment to enter the event. There will be no refunds for duo and team entries that are successful during registration.


Payment Options

Payment can be made at the time of registering for enter the event. Entry fees and additional T-shirts can be paid for with either VISA or Mastercard via the online registration system.

Consequence of Duplicate Entries

Do not try to gain entry by submitting more than one entry. Swimmers are not permitted to enter in more than one category. Swimmers who submit more than one entry will be penalised and all team members will be banned from entering the Rottnest Channel Swim for two years; the current event and the next event.

Solo Swimmers please take note:

Under the Event Rules, an intending solo swimmer must have either completed a Rottnest Channel Swim solo crossing within the previous two years or completed a 10km qualifying swim between 1 November 2019 and 1 February 2020 in 4 hours and 15 minutes or less. Solo swimmers who do not complete the 10km in the time required do not qualify and will not be permitted to start.