Wave Times

The table outlines the wave times for the 2017 Event. While the 2018 wave times are yet to be confirmed, we have explained the category changes below. 

For the 2018 Event, the first wave (solos only) that leaves the beach at 5:45am will be called the Champions of the Channel wave. The following waves will be set by race number. 

The RCSA will email all solos their allocated wave based on the uploaded 10km qualifying time. The first wave is the only seeded wave and the remaining waves are allocated in race number order (race numbers are set in the order that people register for the Event). 

Duos have two waves and the wave number is allocated by gender. 

Team’s wave numbers are based on their category (all the ages of the team added together). For safety reasons, the RCSA allocates the wave/cap colour that each team will leave in. Categories/wave numbers for teams are set from Tuesday, 2 January 2018 and cannot be changed. If a team member is substituted and the age total changes, the team is required to leave in the set wave. The race caps for the waves are included in the race packs.  

*Please note that there will be no category changes for teams now that the race numbers have been set. When you collect your race pack, the swim cap colour is the wave you will be leaving the beach on.