Swimmer Available for Team (or Duo)

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Swimmer Available for Team (or Duo)

Postby Michael » Wed 15/02/2017 3:46 pm

Hey all,

If anyone needs a last minute ring in for a team (or maybe a duo), I'm looking for a team to join.

Training was interrupted by a 5 week holiday over Christmas so a duo might be stretching me but I'd still give it a crack (my preparation last year in a duo wasn't great either and I completed that alright)

I've completed rotto the last two years, once as a team and last year as a duo.

Swam Busso swim over the weekend in 1hr 20min if that helps gauge where I'm at.

Probably have more luck shooting me a text on 0431 942 316 if you want to discuss/ more info.

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