I am desperate for a couple of paddlerws

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I am desperate for a couple of paddlerws

Postby leighnewman » Tue 14/02/2017 7:31 am

Hi - I have posted here last week and on the weekend - it is now Tuesday and I can't see my posts. I know the moderators have to vet them however the last post is from feb 6th (2 weeks ago) I need 2 paddlers and if I can't see the posts can anyone else?? I can't see see anywhere to ask the moderators a question or anyone to contact about this site/page so I am submitting a new post in the hope someone will read it and have a look at the page. I have had 3 paddlers pull out and I need 2 so I can meet with all my crew to do my solo - I would so appreciate it if my posts could go up on the page so someone might see them. Thanks a million - Leigh newman mobile; 0429567610
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