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Boat required for Quad team

PostPosted: Thu 09/10/2014 11:29 am
by superfins

Our swimming club, Superfins WA Inc. a swimming club for people with disabilities, is intending to enter 2 teams in the Channel Swim in 2015.
We have had at least one team in the swim since 2005 (with the exception of 2014, the only time we have not entered due to unavailability of swimmers).
We enter through the Dennis Lillee Foundation.

We have very experienced ‘Team Managers’ who have done the crossing several times with our swimmers and have experienced paddlers and support crew as well.
Our swimmers train all year round (up to 3 times per week) and enter many of the Open Water events as well as belong to Masters Swimming WA.
Three of the Superfins swimmers to enter the Feb 21st 2015 crossing have each done at least 5 previous crossings and 1 will be doing his 10th .

We require a boat for the day, and happy to negotiate hire fees. Prefer one with some shelter from the sun.
Would love to hear from interested skippers.

Please contact Jan :

Mobile: 0412 687 720