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PostPosted: Wed 22/01/2014 10:40 am
by lizzieobrien1
Hi Brett

We are four experienced, enthusiastic swimmers that train at Perth City Swim Club. Due to unforeseen circumstances we have lost our boat that was due to chaperon us for the 2014 Rottnest Chanel Swim. As such we are desperately seeking a boat (and skipper) who would be able to help us complete the swim.

We all train regularly and so expect the swim should take us just under six hours (and hopefully less!). Also we expect to be in one of the later waves because we are each aged around 30 (so perhaps a slightly later start that your previous solo swimmer experiences).
We are all very friendly and approachable people who will happily entertain, provide quality conversations and generally ensure it’s a fun day. We will also bring a selection of good food and beverages and are happy to pay for any associated costs such as petrol, boat mooring on the day and boat entry to Rotto.

We have two paddlers and a paddle all ready to go - just wanted to double check your boat would beable to fit at least six (or preferrably seven people) - as per the RCSA requirements?

If you and your boat are still available and you are still interested could you please give me a call on 0438 193 366.

Lizzie and the Aquaholics (Niamh, Sammy, and Nicole)