Event Categories

The event categories for competitors in the 2019 Rottnest Channel Swim are:

Solo – 1 x swimmer, 1 x boat
Champions of the Channel – the elite solo wave (1 x swimmer 1 x boat)
Tandem Solo –2 x solo swimmers share 1 x boat
Duo – teams of 2
Team – teams of 4
Lavan Charity Challenge – teams of 4

Champions of the Channel

Champions of the Channel is an elite wave of soloist 

Key information:
Significant prize money
• Prizes will be awarded for 1st – 5th place
• Leave in the first wave at 5.45am 

All swimmers looking to enter the Champions of the Channel, should stay tuned as to how to register.

Duos and Teams

Duos and teams are automatically categorised by adding together the ages of the participants in each duo/team. The categories are as follows for male, female and mixed (Please note: mixed teams must have a minimum of two female members):



Lavan Charity Challenge

The 2019  Rottnest Channel Swim includes 30 places for the exclusive category – the Lavan Charity Challenge. This category not only gives you the best opportunity for your corporate group or team of passionate swimmers to fundraise for charity, but also provides the ultimate benefit – guaranteed entry into the Rottnest Channel Swim!

Teams who enter the Lavan Charity Challenge receive the following benefits:

  •  A separate evening briefing including drinks and canapes at Lavan
  •  An official Rottnest Channel Swim Merchandise Pack for each swimmer
  •  A donation made on your behalf to the charity of your choice
  •  Compete for the Lavan Charity Challenge Cup
  •  30 places are available during solo week, which is open from 8.30am (AWST) Monday, 22 October – 5.30pm (AWST) Sunday, 31 October.

Please note: teams in this category are exclusively competing for the Lavan Charity Challenge Cup only and teams in this category are not eligible for prizes allocated to the regular team category, including overall cash prizes and age group category merchandise prizes, regardless of the overall finishing position or age group finishing position.