2017 Weather

The latest Weather updates from the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim Assistant Race Director, Iain McCarrey. 

As at Thursday, 23 February 2017. 

The forecast continues to look extremely favourable for this year’s swim with moderate (14 knots or 25km/hour) East-North-East winds for the start of the swim.  The wind will drop throughout the day to reach its lowest speed of less than 10 knots or 20km/hour around 1:00pm.   There has been some change in the direction which the winds are expected to tend throughout the day.  The latest prediction is the wind will tend South throughout the morning and be directly from the South by 1:00pm (albeit light) before finishing South-West by 4:00pm at which stage it will increase only slightly.  

The swell at Cottesloe at the beginning of the swim is predicted to be around 1 metre from a West-South-West direction with a 12.85 second period (the time between wave crests). The reasonably short period between waves indicates a fairly weak swell which is good news for swimmers. The swell is likely to increase slightly as the day wears on and will finish at around 1.3 metres by 5:00pm.

A sunny and VERY HOT day is expected with a maximum of 39 degrees in Perth and 37 degrees at Rottnest. This is good news for those who are prone to hypothermia but also means that sunscreen will need to be applied as often as possible.